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Juha Mentu's Microbiology Blog

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Thanks for your mail and introducing me to Mr. Juha and Elias. I have noted down the url. Let me go through it fully and comment on your activities in the future. Hope we could someday come out with new projects on Green energy or social media which can be implemented globally or something like a enterprise. Thank you..

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 11:21 PM, Helge V. Keitel wrote: Hello, we learned about each other through Twitter and would like to introduce a new blog.

About Juha Mentu: Experiences of environmental and paper industry microbiology since 1983.

Pulp, Paper, Board and Packaging Microbiologist

Rapid incubation of process samples is needed to show potential hazard, caused by process population. Biocide testing is also better to do in original samples from beginning to the end.

The most promising method to perform these kind of "mini-fermentations" today is PMEU incubation (Portable Microbiological Enrichment Unit; FINNOFLAG Oy; Kuopio, FINLAND) which gives results of microbial activities and effects of biocides in hours (compared with days when cfu methods are applied). No protecting, stimulating, inhibiting or other selecting effects of nutrient media are also totally excluded in process sample incubations.

One of the main ideas of microbiology is: Both the counts and activities of microbes shall be taken into account. Populations with relatively high colony counts can have slow metabolic activity - and in opposite.

As a summary: microbial activity, not the count of colonies, causes problems in paper industry processes.

We would like to build an International network and would like to have you commenting. Juha's blog is new but there is a lot of new information that we want to co-create with like minded people around the globe. My Twitter:


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