Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Transportation management for forestry

Transportation managers, in an effort to contain erratic fuel prices, capacity constraints, escalating freight rates and more demanding vendor requirements, are turning increasingly to transportation management systems to get the job done.

Helge: I think about the central role of cleaver and functional logistics solutions for the Finnish forestry industry. How to get the wood at a reasonable cost from the first and second thinnings. It's not going to be easy.

Still, selecting the right transportation management system (TMS) for your operations isn’t easy. While some providers back their software with a wealth of transportation domain expertise, others are little more than software developers trying to enter a new market space.

Helge: The forest industry has to depend of a combination of solutions. The raw-material supply isn't homogeneous.

Luckily, the very way TMS are built and delivered is undergoing a rapid renovation. In this new industry report, you'll discover eight secrets of TMS that you don't want to uncover after you've purchased a system. Knowing these secrets will strengthen your vendor evaluation process and enable you to find a partner whose TMS fits your requirements.

Helge: Fleet management. I see various ways of doing it.

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