Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Biotechnology Tampere Tomorrow

Driving to Tampere tomorrow. Have to start at 6 am. Taking IK to Helsinki Science Park. The distance from Helsinki to Tampere is 176 km. I should be able to make it in two (2) hours. Parking space is close to the place I'm visiting. The first meeting starts at 9:30 am and should be finished at noon. The second meeting is close to the same place and starts at 2 pm. One hour should be enough. We still have time to talk until 3:45 pm. Then I have to drive to Helsinki. We've a NH board meeting at TE-keskus starting at 6 pm and should be finished at 9 pm. Long day. Back in Loviisa at 10 pm. Huh!

What do I need? The powerpoint presentation is ready. Have to make some print-outs. JM asked to print the PPT presentation. We've made the preparations. The agenda is clear. The objectives have been discussed. We've the facts but need to think about the questions.
  • Process
  • Technology
  • What should be considered?
  • Creative collaboration
Will it be possible to make a recording of the meeting? Have to think about it. Would it have any value?
  • Added value
  • SOF services later
  • What about co-operation with Tampere, university, VTT?
I will not have time to meet JW and AW. Pity. The schedule is too tight. The Bioref... question has to be resolved later. It will most likely take place in another town on the west coast.
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