Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Culture of Reliability

Start Early & Stick With a Plan - Developing Marketable Engineering Skills
by Heinz P. Bloch, PE

For the foreseeable future, the “job of the future” will exist in a world that wrestles with issues of outsourcing, offshore design and manufacturing, and generally uncertain employment prospects. Among the job seekers, aspiring engineers need to develop effective ways of finding and keeping employment in this murky environment.

Helge: This is from todays "A Culture of Reliability"

Guidance is helpful as you ponder the question of where you should be headed in this sea of instability. Today we live at a time when professed experts expound diametrically opposite views and often have the audacity of serving up their views with an air of infallibility. The answer as to where you should head is multi-faceted, but being balanced and learning a marketable skill instead of going after an ill-defined “education” is certainly a good start.

Helge: I will write more when I return back to my desk. Need to have my car checked at the "Katsasuskonttori" in Loviisa.

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