Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emerging Markets Online - Global Energy Biofuels Biodiesel Oil and Gas Intelligence and Market Research

Emerging Markets Online - Global Energy Biofuels Biodiesel Oil and Gas Intelligence and Market Research: "Market Survey, Feedstock Trends and Forecasts.

Helge: If you like to know more about where biofuels are heading...

Biodiesel 2020, second edition tracks the U.S. and global markets for biodiesel growth, details major feedstock trends, and provides analysis of biodiesel consumption and production trends. Europe, China, India and Brazil are also covered as case studies. Proprietary forecasts developed for this study are also used to produce 2020 'Scenarios' for the
  1. U.S.,
  2. Europe,
  3. China,
  4. India and
  5. Brazil.

The widely acclaimed Biodiesel 2020 study has been featured in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0, Biodiesel magazine, Reuters TV, Fox News Energy Week, Biofuels International, Renewable Energy Access, The Futurist, and on Finland's TV network 'N' news.

Helge: Europe is strong in biodiesel. Neste Oil is one of the biggest producers. Neste wants to become a global player in this field.

Biodiesel 2020, 2nd edition provides an update on the first study; further explores feedstock trends and provides detailed analysis of the current transition from 1st generation biodiesel markets to 2nd generation markets for biodiesel, renewable diesel and biomass to liquids for biodiesel projects."
  1. Biodiesel 2020, second edition examines the trend towards lower cost multiple feedstocks.

  2. This study also reviews major projects in progress for lower-cost feedstocks from renewable diesel including tallow, used vegetable oil, yellow grease and waste recycling. Algae-based biodiesel projects are also reviewed in detail.

  3. This study finds the global market for biodiesel is poised for explosive growth in the next ten years. Although Europe currently represents 80% of global biodiesel consumption and production, the U.S. is now ramping up production at a faster rate than Europe.

  4. The global market for ethanol is growing rapidly. The U.S. just revised its national biofuels targets from 7 Billion gallons by 2012, to 35 billion gallons by 2017, or approximately a 20% replacement of transportation fuels in the next ten years called the "20 by 10" program.

  5. Brazil is fast becoming the preferred supplier of Ethanol to U.S., European and Asian countries, due to the comparatively lower costs of sugar cane ethanol.

  6. China and India are each making major domestic and international arrangements to increase ethanol market growth and meet national biofuels targets.
Olli, take a look at this: "Environmental factors such as global warming and pollution have provoked a debate about whether power generation should continue to rely on fossil fuel combustion. However, cost remains the key issue defining the viability of any power generation technology."
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