Sunday, March 23, 2008

Metro Taifun Waste Collection System

"Join US - Make a difference," calls Metro Taifun - Metropolitan Waste Collection System. What does it mean? More information can be found at

The Ad says, "We live in a world facing major problems in several areas. Terms as "Sustainable Technology", "Environmentally friendly", "CO2 footprint" and "Clean Technology" can be found in headlines all over the world. Especially in urban areas waste management is of growing concern to governments, municipal officials and the inhabitants themselves.

The story continues, "To find solution to this growing problem requires a completely new approach. As so very often, the best solutions are simple and elegant: Metro Taifun uses MariMatic's superior vacuum conveying technology in combination with the existing urban infrastructure. The benefits, both economical and environmental, are far-reaching and will revolutionize urban waste handling.

This company is completely new to me. I've never heard any of the names before. Who is behind this? There is a full page ad in Helsingin Sanomat Sunday 17. Helmikuuta 2008.

They say, "We offer you a unique opportunity to join us in building a business aligned with current with current ecological "Clean Technology" - thinking. Metro Taifun is the the most innovative company in the waste collection systems business and our solutions will have a major impact on potentially millions of people living in cities all around the globe."

MariMatic is looking for people. Let's take a look at the list.

"We need a dedicated, hard-working team in Marketing & Sales, Project Management and Technology to drive this business forward and make MetroTaifun a worldwide success!"

These people aren't modest. Again I ask myself, "Who are they?"

Step up to the challenge and join us: Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Sales Support Engineer, Automation Engineer.

I've not seen their homepage.
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