Friday, March 28, 2008

Ramentor Oy - Ramentor Oy

Blogging about Ramentor Oy - Ramentor Oy in Finnish. Decided to write a few lines in English as well. More about this later.

RAM stands for Reliability, Availability and Maintainability. The RAM entity also comprises Safety, Quality and Risk Management aspects and the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and LCC (Life Cycle Cost) concepts. Ability to manage and optimize these RAM factors is a very valuable asset for any company designing a product and/or running a complex process.

Ramentor is a software and consulting company established to combine the latest theory, methods, and knowledge in the RAM field into practical tools, solutions and services for the customers. Ramentor is about Designing, Analyzing and Optimizing the RAM factors of your product or process."

I learn more from the Ramirent News 18.4.2006:

ABB selects ELMAS network as a global RAM management environment.

The multinational technology company ABB has acquired a corporate license for ELMAS network. ABB business areas Service, Machines, Drives and Marine are all implementing ELMAS for global use. ABB has a wide scope in using ELMAS: From product design & development processes to the customer full service phase.

According to ABB key benefits of using ELMAS include:

  • A very efficient tool and method with practically unlimited application areas
  • The visual tree model makes it easy to comprehend the whole entity
  • Product or process criticality analysis enforced by risk/cost scenarios
  • Cooperation between operational and maintenance units by a committed RCM-team
  • Valuable help in training
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