Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Master Records are Not Optional!

Master Records are Not Optional!: "Maintenance and Engineering leadership have to own the process and ultimately be responsible for the availability and quality of the master records data and transactional data that they need to drive and support business decisions.

I'm reading the Reliability Web and trying to grasp new ideas.

This does not mean that other functional areas will not be involved or have their own areas of responsibility regarding the systems or the data. (Too often, every department, other than Maintenance and Engineering, is dictating what systems and data Maintenance and Engineering will utilize or have access to.

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Examples include what ERP, CMMS or EAM they are allowed or required to use, whether or not MRO inventory is handled internally or outsourced, If MRO inventory is outsourced, whether or not transactional data is issued or updated at the work order level, whether or not purchase orders and receipts data are integral with the system, or whether or not interfaces are in place to facilitate transfer of data between systems or if data entry transactions are required to be duplicated lest data is not captured.

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Is it any wonder that data is missing or suspect? Not only does this situation lead to poor data, but it also perpetuates turf wars (Finance, IT, Purchasing, Logistics, Maintenance, Engineering and Operations), and a victim mentality on behalf of all involved and creates a loophole for Maintenance and Engineering not having defensible data.) Ask your organization, “Who currently owns the data, the process and the ongoing control and administration of the process?”

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