Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RCM, RAM, Rig testing and validation

I've been blogging about maintenance, RCM and RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability). Can these programs been used in the following context?
"Rig testing is a part of the Testing & Validation within Research and Development in Wärtsilä Industrial Operations in Vaasa. The objectives for rig testing are to test engine components and systems in dedicated stands enabling easy assembly of prototypes and measuring equipment. Further, to perform functionality tests of the components and accelerated tests with higher speed or frequency. Rig testing provides possibility to test with higher risk and lower cost compared to test on a test engine. For this test team we are searching for willing and able personnel, i.e. experience and knowledge of this type work is a prerequisite as is the right motivation. "
  • Keep the test rigs mechanically ready for tests
  • Perform tests on the rigs and supervise the mechanics in the test team
  • Participate in the preparations / planning / evaluation of the tests, as well as in the development of the rig testing
  • Report test results
Requirements - MSc or BSc
  • Experience of similar activities
  • Good skills in English and in Finnish or Swedish
  • Good motivation, teamwork and communication skills
Funny, good communication skills are required for most jobs now days. Finland is a small country. How are very specialized companies able to find people "with experience in similar activities?"
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