Sunday, May 25, 2008

Social Media and Biotouch

This is a great time for entrepreneurs and innovators. Internet and Social Media is making marketing, PR and global sales much easier and much cheaper. Maybe I should say, more cost-effective. Now anyone can broadcast their messages, sales pitches and opinions about your startup to the world.

Biotouch is a new channel that will start today. The "biotechtouch" blog is moderated by Macarena Pallares. You'll learn more about Biotouch during the coming weeks.
  1. The web has gained mass adoption
  2. The change started in the 90's and has improved with Web 2.0
  3. The time of the "media gatekeepers" is gone; there are more options for the SME's
  4. Internet and Social Media has democratized both the web and content
  5. Web advirtising is overtaking television in many countries
  6. The media landscape has been blown open; open co-creation and collaboration are a reality
  7. We need to establish a conversation with employees, customers, interest groups and partners
  8. We can use low-cost online channels to publish and share information to communicate more directly and genuinely with people around the world
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