Monday, August 25, 2008

Rocky Mount, VA: Water Conservation is now MANDATORY! | Water Conservation News -NUPRANA

Rocky Mount, VA: Water Conservation is now MANDATORY! | Water Conservation News -NUPRANA: "ROCKY MOUNT, VA - The city of Rocky Mount institutes a mandatory water conservation Monday morning in an effort to slow water use in response to severe drought.

All water customers will receive a notice in the mail Tuesday to immediately begin mandatory conservation.

Town Manager James Ervin says, “Continued drought, little rainfall and steady water use all mean that our lack of water has become more critical, and so I call upon you as citizens and good neighbors to do everything you can to reduce water use in your household and at work.”

The August rain deficit dictates that mandatory conservation to go into effect until the Blackwater River returns to better flow.

The Blackwater River has reached lows worse than the 2002 drought.

Ervin says, “Our water levels on the Blackwater are lower than at any other point since the town water plant was constructed. This is an urgent need that requires the immediate and ongoing attention of all our residents, businesses and industries.”

Helge: There is the Water Festival in Stockholm this week. I've sensitized myself to issues concerning water.

The Stockholm Water Festival is a major event in Sweden. The Swedes have an annual holiday period from the beginning of July till the middle of August when almost everyone takes holidays and business, especially heavy industries and construction, comes to a virtual standstill. The water festival is timed to take advantage of this and draws crowds from all over Sweden, Norway, Finland and other parts of Europe and the UK.

Most of the downtown core is closed to vehicle traffic with massive stages being erected in parks and waterfront parking lots where many famous names perform nightly.

The streets and bridges are lined with vendor tents where once can sample exotic foods from around the globe, buy clothing, pins, flags, trinkets toys or even take a scuba diving lesson in a floating swimming pool. Barges are towed in and converted to floating restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a meal or drinks while bobbing gently on the water.
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