Sunday, September 21, 2008

Green Business Works Atlanta

index.htm: "As the reality of climate change and the effect of greenhouse gasses on our environment becomes ever more apparent, customers and clients are increasingly influenced by a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. For companies with established ‘green’ policies or organizations in the initial process of defining their environmental mission, GreenBusiness Works has answers that bring results.

GreenBusiness Works is a full-service marketing, communications and event production organization that produces environmentally aware events guided by the values and principles of GreenScape™ guidelines. We deliver effective meetings and events, on time and on budget with an unrelenting attitude of joy, creativity and profound respect for the environment.

GreenBusiness Works also works with clients to reduce their impact on the environment by greening their office environment, internal and external meetings and events. GreenBusiness Works™ assesses the carbon footprint and develops the GreenScape™ Plan to assist the organization to more fully implement their sustainability policies."

Helge: GBW is from Atlanta.
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