Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mould Growth : Mold & Bacteria Laboratories

I got this information through Twitter.

Mould Growth : Mold & Bacteria Laboratories: "Browse > Home / Industry News / Mould Growth." | November 19, 2008 by mbl.

Dampness and mould growth are recognised as major problems affecting a significant proportion of houses in the North America. Apart from health problems associated with dampness and mould growth, wood decay is also significant problem.

Mould growth in houses is unsightly. But most important, there is considerable evidence to support the view that mouldy housing has a detrimental effect on the health of occupants residing in such environments. This is a cause for concern, considering that many individuals spend most of their time indoors especially during winter. Respiratory problems and allergic reactions are the common health problems associated with mould. Generally, indoor moulds affect people through inhalation of airborne spores. High levels of airborne spores may occur due to growth of mould on walls and furnishings."
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