Friday, December 05, 2008

With Obama a Green Economy is Possible

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With Obama a Green Economy is Possible: "With Obama a Green Economy is Possible," written by admincato on December 5th, 2008.

America was built on a dream for a more perfect union. Over the years, we have taken that dream to new heights, but at a cost. Because of our demand for bigger and better things, we have become a nation of polluted air, clogged landfills, and an ever-plummeting economy. However, President-elect Barack Obama has come up with a plan that could turn things around. With Obama-A Green Economy is a possibility.

Stimulate the Economy:
Mr. Obama has set up a plan to stimulate the economy, while saving the environment. He has stated that he would like to create 5 million new jobs over a period of about 10 years. He wants to help train people to work with green technologies, allowing them to gain high-paying jobs that will create an overall better environment to live in.

Green Manufacturing:
He has also stated that he would like to see manufacturing plants create plans to work more efficiently, using less energy, and less waste. He has offered to invest in companies that create plans that will work toward a better future for the entire nation, and has even stated that within a year of taking over as President, the federal government will also begin working toward saving energy and increase the use of hybrid plug-in cars that use less fuel.

Greener Way of Life:
Through President-elect Obama-A Green Economy is a dream that could become a reality. It gives the American people new hope in a brighter future, and a greener way of life. Through this plan, the economy could make a comeback and set new standards for the way the rest of the world does business. And once again, we could become a more perfect union.

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