Friday, January 16, 2009

Energy Intesive Firms and Climate Change

Energy intensive firms and enterprises are in collaboration with research institutes finding ways to exploit new business opportunities related to the global challenge of climate change.

The need to produce large quantities of biomass based fuels is a key challenge facing Finland, Scandinavia, and many other countries, especially considering the EU's target that 10 per cent of transport fuels should be carbon neutral biofuels by 2020.

Almost a quarter of the energy used in Finland comes from renewable resources, and much of this wood energy in various forms, used particularly within the pulp and paper industry.

New types of biodiesel can potentially be made from a wide range of vegetable oils or even animal fats, in addition to the imported palm oil used so far.

Another focus is the potential of using wood chips to make liquid biofuels.

In the field of wood energy Finland is a major technology provider in global terms. The country of green gold is a world leader in technologies used in harvesting wood for energy use.

Three-quarters of all the forestry machines used around the world are made in Finland.
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