Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Metso - leading supplier of technology and services for pulp and paper industry.

I've been talking with a Chinese supplier about disc filters for a 500 000 tpa mill. Let's see what we can do together.

Metso - leading supplier of technology and services for pulp and paper industry.: "Washing and thickening...The production of secondary fiber for high quality tissue and graphic papers, today requires good control over the ash and fines level in the pulp. The paper machine runnability can also be improved when the recycled fibers are cleaned of sticky material, non-usable fines and ash.


The compact OptiThick GapWasher is a twin-wire dewatering unit for controlled washing of pulp. The two-sided dewatering and strong turbulence of the GapWasher facilitate two to three times higher capacities per unit of width than conventional washer technologies. An additional main feature of the GapWasher technology is that the ash and fines removal can be controlled depending on the targeted levels.


The Hedemora VDF disc filters are designed to thicken low to medium freeness pulp, especially where high discharge consistency is needed. The Centerdisc CDI disc filters are insensitive to concentration and freeness variations and suit most recycled fiber applications.
The advantages of disc-filter technology are filtrate quality and the possibility for different water fractions.

The OptiThick GT gravity thickeners deliver high capacity for dewatering in a compact and cost-efficient process. OptiThick GT is used for recycled fiber pulp, especially in..."

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