Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wetend Technologies Ltd.

We spoke about this company today. Do you know TrumpJet valves by WetEnd, Finland? They can dose 1 to several additives just before the headbox and spare a lot of water & energy. Juha Veikko Mentu (paper industry microbiologist) says, This company got a National Award in China a couple of years ago.

Wetend Technologies Ltd.: "Wetend Technologies Ltd operates globally serving the paper industry worldwide through own resources and locally together with agents and representatives. Home and technology base are in Finland.

Wetend Technologies Ltd is located in the city of Savonlinna in eastern part of Finland where the company holds office, research and development facilities and assembly shop premises.
New FiberLaboratory for process and development has been recently opened to support our technology and product development operations."
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