Saturday, March 14, 2009

A showroom for timber products 14032009

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel
Selling timber is a challenging task at this time with the building sector in deep recession.

We've discussed the need to change the way timber trading is taking place.

How would you make the selling process more interesting both for the seller and business to business clients?

* A modern showroom with large screen displays
* Showing the end-results of wooden constructions
* Telling stories about the value of wood
* Talking walls and touchscreen devices to learn more about wood
* Reshaping the showroom / shop to a learning environment
* Direct contact with the sawmills
* Expert talking to you from a distance

I'm reading the weak signals in a new way. Market expansion has been replaced by a remarkable global contraction. Timber producers have to adpat to changing market conditions.

We've an intelligent solution for that. Small and flexible is becoming beutiful again. Disruptive innovation provides a road to better times.
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