Saturday, May 30, 2009

4Energy Invest, Belgium

Here is an example I came across yesterday at the Helsinki ChemBio exhibition where the New Wallon Cluster participated with their own booth.

"4Energy Invest is a Belgian based renewable energy company that aims at creating and managing a portfolio of small to middle-sized locally embedded projects that valorise biomass, directly or indirectly, into energy," their Website tells.

Take a look at the Shareholder Notification!

Here is some information about problems a public company has to disclose. Managing a full CHP-service cluster includes possibilities and threats.

A complete service model

More information About the company can be found here. The business model is defined here: "4Energy Invest identifies potential biomass projects, performs a feasibility study and then takes responsibility for developing, financing, constructing and operating the project, in close cooperation with carefully selected suppliers and partners."

The Amel project

Currently, 4Energy Invest is operating two cogeneration projects located in Amel (Wallonia, Belgium) which are fully operational. 4Energy Invest starts building in Amel a large scale torrefaction unit to produce biocoal or torrified wood pellets with minimum CO2 footprint.

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