Saturday, May 30, 2009

Biomass cogeneration

The project presented in my previous posting - the biomass cogeneration plant in Amel, Belgium - is an initiative by the company 4Energy Invest.

This company, listed on the stock exchange since June 2008, has new projects in the pipeline.

4Energy Invest has been created by three experts who have vast know-how in the energy sector and more particularly in the field of the
  • design
  • financing
  • realization
  • entry into operations of pilot plant completed within two years
  • management and operation of national and international projects
Collaborating with companies such as Tractebel, Dynegy, Nuon, SPE, Datkia and Indaver.

This Belgian cluster focuses that often are too modest to be of interest to the main energy producers and too complex to be directly carried out by the industrial clients themselves.

4Energy Invest aims to establish and manage a portfolio of small and medium-sized local projects focusing on the the conversion of biomass waste into energy, whether directly or indirectly.

This team is now moving around to identify a number of sites that offer opportunities to build and operate cogeneration projects similar to the one in Amel.

Currently, other projects are under development, in particular in Ham in Flanders but also in Pontrilas of England and in Germany.
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