Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We need to understand energy and environment better than before

IMG_0028Finland is an energy intensive and very northern country. There are months and times when I’d like to live in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece. South America might be a great alternative.

But, we should be speaking about energy. Finland wants more nuclear power plants. What should I say? Should I take a position “for” or “against”?

I don’t oppose nuclear power plants. I’m a pragmatic person, even though I understand the problems of nuclear waste handling. Not all the aspects of it, but it’s a problem we leave unresolved for our children.

Bioenergy is less complex. It’s a perfect distributed energy solution, but we’re not living in the villages – not even in Finland. The urban lifestyle adapts very well to large scale, centralized nuclear energy. Should we move back to the village? Many problems could be handled in a small is beautiful environment with less centralized decision making.

We’re not ready for such a change. Digital Villages might be the best thing for global development, but the concept has to be promoted much better than before.

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