Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I wonder who handles their public relations in the digital age


Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They see opportunities and are ready to take bold action fast. Regardless, innovations do not always travel fast.

The use of social media in SMBs and large enterprises is still in evolution. The idea of Enterprise 2.0 is emerging slowly.

Most traditional corporations do not have a clue about how to get started wit online business, social media, and collaboration.

Small wonder when you delve deeper into the essence of business operations.

Business is all about connecting people; today the way we’ve to run our businesses has transformed dramatically.

B2B companies must replace outdated business models, useless rubbish with a new paradigm, and most importantly, a new skill-set.

The successful businesses of the 21st century are those who are open, transparent, outgoing, friendly, sharing and caring. That’s my opinion. The customer need is more important that the greed. Problem solving is the key, not the telling and selling.

Companies need to integrate social media applications and open data sources to maximize productivity, reduce redundancy and inaccuracies, and streamline workflows. That sounds intelligent, I’d like to say, it’s still all about working better together. Take down the barriers and rip down the silos.

The B2B marketing machine enables partners and users community participation to build, preview, test and improve the integration of existing solutions. Social media allows us to talk with more people regardless of their location. We now have the digital tools to do a part of the legwork salesmen, saleswomen, and technical support people had to do in the past.

During my life in the social media environment, the participants have confessed and discussed how refreshing it is to come to events where openness, sharing and constructive feedback is the norm.

Little money is needed to start a new business. Free and inexpensive online services and social media can kick-start a new business. Entrepreneurs can use cloud computing as an  infrastructure. The no investment required model is still brand new to most people, but it’s a smart way to get a new businesses off the ground without pockets full of money.

  • The Marketing Machine is an online marketplace
  • It’s a community collecting B2B partners into a single, streamlined platform

Trust me, the use of social media has changed massively in a couple of years and now it’s evolving more every single day. But still, most of the b2b marketers don’t have a clue. I’ll continue to write about SM in SMEs.

  • Imagine what happens when top measurement and control business leaders from around the globe are gathered to discuss breaking down the social media application barriers in business?
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