Monday, August 01, 2011

Let me introduce you to Paul W. Swanson from Denver, USA

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paulswansen | Paul Swansen Funny, irreverent, cynical, optimistic, dreamer and Taurus with a stubborn streak, and a fondness for Jerry Garcia Ties, thrives on working hard with smart people. A former, Radio DJ, and Program Director, Television Program Director, Public Affairs Officer, Speech Writer, Award Winning Radio Spot writer, Computer Tech, Event Producer, and Customer Service Guru is always looking for a new challenge. Communicates and plays well with others. Won't work with whiners. Wonders why no one seems to know how to load the dishwasher properly.

Juha, Markku and Petteri, let me introduce Paul W. Swansen as a member of the measurement network. We’ve been collaborating with Paul for several years, trying to figure out Internet and Social Media supported FutureStore and Business to Business (B2B) networking.

Paul and myself know the trends and tricks of social media while Juha, Markku and Petteri are scientist specialized in industrial microbiology, toxicology, and biocide treatment in process industries.

We’re preparing a Digital Direct Sales Network to support global promotion, marketing and sales of intelligent measurements, process analytics and advanced trouble shooting in fields like bioenergy production, mining and processing, and environmental monitoring and control in these industries. We’ve extensive and in-depth knowledge about the pulp and paper industries, but we’re now ready to expand into new fields.

I’ll write more about innovative application developments in subsequent posts. The core idea is to expand out from pulp and paper into new fields.  The goal is to start talking and collaborating with Measurepolis Oy, Kajaani, about a joint venture to introduce new intelligent measurements and trouble-shooting tools to the global market. This could be a beginning to a new success story if we create a direct and cost-effect social engineering approach to talk with clients around the globe.

Paul, take a look at Juha Mentu’s blog:

Pulp, Paper, Board and Packaging Microbiologist

Juha writes, “This blog contains novel ideas for the development of paper industry microbiology. Traditional methods, despite their important role in the selection of harmful microbes from process and product samples, does not fulfil the needs of modern HACCP and process stability control. Faults in the process management as well as in the QC of products can cause hazardous situations for the economy of production as well as for the safety of employers, customers and environment.”

More information about Measurepolis:

Measurepolis Development Ltd

Measurepolis Development Ltd is a technology and business development company that specialises in measurement and information systems. Its objective is to create profitable business for its partners. The development company, which is owned by the City of Kajaani, operates nationally and employs around ten experts in measurement and information systems technologies and business in Kajaani, Oulu, Tampere and Espoo.

The company manages the associated regional and national development programmes and produces technology development services, business development services, associated information services, and marketing and communication services for its partners and clients.

The company's main clients are enterprises and research institutes working in the field of measurement and information systems, and its main objective is to create new business in this field. The company works closely with the Renforsin Ranta business park and others to develop entrepreneurship in the area related to measurement and information systems.

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