Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sports related projects on a global scale

2011-10-10 22.18.39 Antti, we did talk today about sports related projects during the coffee break at the LC meeting in Sotkamo. Let me introduce myself and Irja; the way we network on  a global scale. 

We’ve been working with national, European and International projects since early 1970’s and hope to be in good health and shape to continue for at least 5 to 10 years.

We’re now located in Sotkamo permanently since 2010. My roots are in a small southern village in Ruotsinpyhtää; now  a part of Loviisa. Irja Kallio is born in Kuhmo.

We regard every single project as individual and unique, the operations are structured according to our clients needs, goals, and realistic resources.

To get started, we use an analytical tool coined 8T that was created by Irja and myself 1987. Let me give you the keywords in Finnish language: TIETO, TUNNE, TAHTO, TARVE, TAVOITE, TOIMINTA, TAITO, TEHO ;)

It was nice talking with you. Let’s arrange a meeting in Sotkamo and talk more about global collaboration and open innovation. Take a look at our communication channels here:

Best regards.
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