Monday, March 25, 2013

Entimos Tervola Finland

Combinated Heat and Power

fuel options:

  • wood chips
  • sawing fragments
  • cover of wood
  • non-nutritious cereal
  • combustible waste from communities
appropriate power range: 1-7 megawatts
proportion of electric power of total energy is ca 30 %
Entimos Ltd offers complete ready-to-use system


Basic idea of original wood gasification developed by Kustaa Saares (d. 1999)
first prototype 1981
second prototype 1996, Timo Saares as chief engineer
Entimos Ltd founded 1997
several new patents


Communes and cities, which can utilize electrical and heat infrastructure of their own
sawmills, carpenters
military units
fuel self-sufficient units etc. 

SOURCE: small chp in Scandinavia
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