Sunday, March 24, 2013

Home made Stirling testing arrangement

Publiced  10.06.2012: I think this is very informative and fun.
20 Kg Stirlingmotor mit Durchlaufwasserkühler. Für den ersten Testlauf in den Räucherofen gesteckt.
40 pounds stirlingengine with waterjacket. Heated by my smoking ofen for first test.

For power cylinder the test performe used an 60 mm diameter hydraulic cylinder. The alu piston is milled by a friend since he didn't not have a proper lathe. Before, he made many unsuccessfull attempts to use standard steel or alu pipes, but they are not really round.

Bearings are purchased, flywheel was "found", the rest is done in the tester's cellar with primitive tools (sawing, drilling, welding). It is disassembled right now to do some improvements now as he now knows that the dimensions are somehow ok.

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