Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Facing a tougher job market


Picture: Irja Kallio, KK-Net, Sotkamo, Finland (1990)

She has an enviable résumé: a master’s degree from a prestigious university, more than a decade of work experience, has lived in several countries and speaks four languages.

Nevertheless, talented people are struggling to find a job all over the globe.

The global financial crisis has multiplied the number of people hunting for jobs. Millions of talented individuals  are disenchanted with the turmoil in their home countries. But the grass isn’t greener wherever you go.

Ten, or even five, years ago, experienced  specialists who were prepared to take the plunge stood a good chance of finding a white-collar job. But many are now finding it much tougher to find a work.

  • cost pressure
  • larger pool of local supply of talented persons with the required qualifications
  • the shifting role of a nations role within the global economy

Nevertheless, companies are still willing to hire new employees. But, job market experts say, employers are more eager than ever to ensure that the employees they do hire match their expectations.

On the cost front, that means avoiding the extra expense of that can come with “hiring the wrong person”. Many have also become more eager to fill positions with people who are unlikely to leave again soon.

  • Companies want people who commit to the region / nation long-term
  • they are not looking for a just “two-year contract”
  • the transformation of economies means companies need different employees than they once did

The pool of locals who have the necessary training and experience for jobs that were once dominated by specialists has grown, so there is less need for employers to look outside.

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