Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Young writers and real person fiction

Young writers are playing god with the real lives of the famous and the notorious in an outgrowth of fan fiction called “Real Person Fiction” (RPF).

Most stories build complex plots around actors and pop stars, like the band One Direction, Chris Brown and Selena Gomez, and can attract tens of millions of readers to a new genre that melds fan fiction with tabloid news.

And while fan fiction writers have always reworked hit novels—extending Harry Potter’s wizarding long after the books ended, or uprooting Alice from Wonderland and introducing her to Dorothy in Oz—RPF reinterprets the escapades of current celebrities, culling inspiration and plotlines from Twitter, rumor and news.

This fictional frontier is exploding online, boosted by the massive growth of user-friendly blogging platforms over the past three years.

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