Monday, March 23, 2015

Vapo Heat and Power

While traveling in Mexico, I couldn't avoid to think about the possibilities of Finnish bioenergy technology as a means of producing heat and power for smaller villages and communities in the mountains.

It's not always and in all places 30 C during daytime and 20 C in the night as in Cancun, January 2015.

Vapo’s Heat and Power business area produces heat, steam and electricity for customers in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.

Very good, but could we think about going "merta edemmäs kalaan"  fishing for new clients overseas?

The business area is responsible for operating ten power plants, 140 heating plants and 24 district heating networks.

There's a tremendous  potential for distributed CHP units around the globe!

The electricity generated by the power plants is sold to the Nordic Electricity Exchange. The business area generates approximately 2 TWh of energy annually.

This is Vapo, but there are many more heat and power suppliers and utilities operators in Finland.

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