Monday, May 25, 2015

Asljunga Pallen Ab, Sweden, Productivity Jump

Ligna 2015 is over but not history yet. KK-Net is working with the extensive material collected at the Hannover Messe, May 11 to 15, 2015.

Our Baltic Sea round-trip that took us to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and finally back home to Finland, May 22, 2015.

Jesper Hostrup, Sales Director, Obel-P Group,  provided interesting information about a differentiated sawmilling strategy innovated in Denmark.

We also learned that Finns and Danes are cooperating in various productivity improvment projects. Down under an example from Sweden. 

Close Scandinavian cooperation on a total solution at Asljunga Pallen Ab, Sweden.

We learned at the Ligna 2015 that at least two Scandinavian companies  participated and cooperated in this project.
  •  Brodbaek & Co. A/S, Denmark
  • Pinomatic Oy, Finland
Asljunga Pallet manufactures special pallets, typically for single use, for example for transport of goods, such as washing powder, foodstuffs or furniture.

Pinomatic Oy from Kauhajoki, Finland, delivers production lines and single devices for its customers n the wood industry.

The company provides customized deliveries in close cooperation with with the customers from design to commissioning.

At Asljunga Pallan, Sweden, the production of throwaway pallets had to be as efficient as possible.

The new production line from Brodbaek & Co. A/S, Denmark, made the working operation even more efficient and increased the capacity and performance significantly.

It s of vital importance for the pallet producer to be extremely competitive on the price of finished products. Consequently, the production must be as efficient and the boards as accurate as possible.

Good thin boards are difficult to come by on the market, as only a few producers manufacture this type of component - the production of boards, 14 - 15 mm thick generates a considerable waste.

The new high capacity production line includes re-sawing and stacking with performance of 500 boards per minute, which increased the capacity significantly.  Additionally, the staffing of the production line could be reduced from 3 - 4 to 1 - 2 employees.

Asljuga Pallen decided to invest in a solution which permits them to manufacture the correct boards for the pallet production. The Danish Brodbaek  & Co. developed the solution in close cooperation with the client.

The supplier says that the long-time cooperation  since 1998 helped them to get the order. The Danish company has a long and deep experience of efficient production lines for pallet manufacturing.

A similar line is running at Bien-Holz GmbH, Uelzen, Germany

Brodbaek wants be a total supplier, who will take responsibility for a part of the production line which is not delivered by the company.


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