Sunday, March 20, 2016

215 MW biomass plant in Ghent, Belgium

The Belgian Eco Energy awarded yeaar 2014 the Spanish energy firm Abengoa a contract to develop a 215 MW biomass plant in Ghent, Belgium.

The energy generated from the facility is used for the power supply industry and is being seen as a means of helping Belgium to meet its EU environmental objectives.

The contract made Abengoa responsible for the engineering, design and construction of the plant to be fueled by wood chips and agro-residues.

According to Abengoa Circulated Fluidized Bed technology, biomass will be transformed into high pressure steam, which passes via a steam turbine to generate energy.

The plant also features a district heating system, which will distribute about 100 MW of thermal energy to industries and households in the Ghent area.

Source: Decentralized Energy 06/11/2014
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