Thursday, September 22, 2016

Analyzing Kokkola Material Week 2014

Why did we go?  We wanted to know. KIP - the Kokkola Industrial Park - is the largest manufacturing site of inorganic chemicals in the Nordic region. Impressive, sure, we wanted to find out more about Kokkola, its research and development, scientific goals, future plans, and analyze present problems and opportunities.

The companies in the area do annually invest 50 million € in modernizations.

Furthermore, a combined investment of more than 100 million € in new production facilities by a number of companies at the KIP area have been made.


The KMW 2014 material chemistry event was held for the second time. Experts from ten countries with scientific, industrial and administrative backgrounds got together to learn, discuss, and network about material science, metals, nanotechnology, biomass, recycling, industrial symbiosis, lithium and natural products.

During the 2'nd Material Week more than 50 experts were covering a rich assortment of themes:
  •     biorefining
  •     nanotechnology
  •     sustainability
  •     leather
  •     metals
  •     industrial symbiosis (networking and collaboration)
  •     new technologies linked with business development
The session topics were dealing with futuristic point of views, catalysis, process intensification, biomass utilization, coating, REACH, LCA, industrial side streams, oil recovery and burgeoning lithium supplies from the region.

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