Saturday, September 03, 2016

Increasing exports to global markets

Finnish Sawmills are producing 3 % of the global softwood lumber (spruce, pine) and exporting about 8 million m3.

Finnish sawmills intend to increase their exports to global markets over the next three years. Close to 20 Finnish sawmills are taking part in the Wood from Finland growth programme launched 2016 jointly by Finpro and the Finnish Sawmills Association.

“China is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and exporter. In addition, a government programme that focuses on developing environmentally friendly construction is being launched in the country,” says Wood from Finland’s Program Manager Jyrki Mantere of Finpro.

Last year, Finland exported more than 630,000 cubic metres of sawn timber to China. The total value of sawn timber exports is estimated at Euro 1.5 billion, which makes it Finland’s fourth largest export product.

“Traditionally, spruce sawn timber is shipped to South China and the Shanghai area. Hopefully, with the new export programme, new market areas in China will be found. New export markets for pine sawn timber will also be targeted,” says Jukka Tamminen, Koskisen’s export manager for spruce sawn timber.

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