Sunday, February 05, 2017

The change of Power

I almost missed the entire party because I was late in the Office figuring out how to send a video footage the next day from our point of observation.

There're these long, winding conversations  over long hallways. You get into the building and it's pretty small and very crowded.

You can't really say much more than your name and where you're from before you hit the door. We also saw that people's names were taped to the doors.

In terms of figuring out who would be in what office, we looked at the floor plan, and we had a plan to put most of those responsible into the right physical location.

For the communications team, especially the team on the spot, you realize that you are going to be working with full access to all material in the newsroom, the transition is going to be smooth.

The briefing-room door is almost always open. It's hard to have a confidential conversation when there is a dozen reporters standing in your office.

Close your eyes and imagine the physical space at the campaign - one giant room. Desks of people collaborating throughout the day.

But ultimately this is a good thing. Dealing with reporters face-to-face will lead to better relationships. You'll better understand each other as human beings.

Some of them know the history. They've been around for quite some time. Has it always been like this? Maybe.

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