Wednesday, June 15, 2005

RFID 'Launch and Learn'

No Substitute For RFID 'Launch and Learn': "BOSTON -- When it comes to radio frequency identification (define) systems, there's no substitute for trial and error, IT managers and industry experts said at IDC's RFID Update conference here today.

'[RFID] will be a very powerful enabling technology,' Sean Campbell, IBM's RFID leader, said. 'You should build through trials and controlled pilots. There is no substitute for hands-on learning, what [early RFID adopter] Gillette calls 'launch and learn.' '

Richard Morrissey, director of e-business for American Power Conversion Corp. (Quote, Chart), began APC's RFID efforts two years ago and wasn't sure the technology would even work for the company.

'For us, physically placing [the tags] on the product is critical,' said Morrissey, who was concerned that the wires, metals and batteries in APC's network infrastructure would interfere with RFID's wireless signals. "
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