Saturday, October 01, 2005

High-definition Video

What do high-definition video of seafloor volcanoes and avant-garde Japanese digital cinema have in common? They're both examples of the kinds of bandwidth-intensive information that can be streamed live from remote locations, over ultra-fast optical networks.

iGrid 2005, the 4th community-driven biennial International Grid event, is a coordinated effort to accelerate the use of multi-10Gb international and national networks, to advance scientific research, and to educate decision makers, academicians and industry researchers on the benefits of these hybrid networks.
  • iGrid Blog
  • Transatlantic visualisation
  • Who is the network magician?
  • We had problems with the circuits at one of network partners
  • A fire between New York and New Jersey knocked out a critical link
  • Everyone did a great job sharing demo stations preparing for showtime
  • There’s an old lesson we had to learn again: Audio is very complicated!
  • Yes, we had problems with wireless access in the early part of the week
  • GLIF is an international virtual organization that promotes the paradigm of lambda networking
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