Saturday, June 02, 2007

I have never visited Hotel Regal

I continue to read her blog: "I might do some freelancing for them, either pitched or assigned. One thing is sure, I want to go back next year."

The picture above doesn't have anything to do with this story. But it helps me to continue my detective work.

"Early Tuesday morning, the mechanical pulping committee presented the Douglas Atack Award for the Best Mechanical Pupling Paper in 2006 to Yonghao Ni for his work on peroxide bleaching in mechanical pulps." Writes The blogger Impending Zenith.

This is cool.

"The audience was reminded that the first bleaching actually took place pre-1800s by exposing textile fibres to the sun. In medieval times, bleaching was taken quite seriously, and the penalty for using any improper materials was a criminal record… and death!" Writes Naila J.

What made her go to that meeting?

"In 1900, an evaluation of the stoichiometry of chlorine and lignin allowed bleachers to measure the amount of chemicals needed during the process rather than add and waste chemicals until they were satisfied with the product." She continues.

Bleaching Control was the reason for going to Vancouver in the first place. Esko had a central role in the strategy discussions concerning our approach to North America. He was working at Eur-Control at the time we met.

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