Friday, June 15, 2007

Innovative Bioenergy Solutions 1 - 5 MW

We’ve been looking into innovations in the field of biofuels and bioenergy. There are plenty of wood based biofuel resources available but what if your bioenergy plant is constructed to use a very narrow source of wood based fuels?

- These design restrictions can however be overcome with a new power plant design.

- A broader range of sawmill residuals can be used

- Peat, mud and other natural resources

- Wood based construction and building materials waste is a huge resource in densly populated areas

Small communities and sawmills are looking for power plants 1 to 5 MW and co-generation is an important aspect.

Innovative design is necessary to maintain a continuous burning of a combined mix of biofuels. Continuous cleaning of the grid is important. The pre-treatment of the material to the power plant can also help to enhance the operation.

What is the price for bioenergy plants today?

- We’re probably speaking about more than 200 000 euros per megawatt. But I’m not sure yet about the final price.

- There are suppliers delivering 5 MW plants to a price of 1 million euros.

Need to get more specific information about price will be available after the summer vacations period. Co-generation will be a part of the package. Starting from 1 MW and up...

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