Friday, June 22, 2007

Invest in Finland Opportunities Portal

We are building an Investment Opportunities Portal probing into Real Estate, Industrial, Business and high-tech innovations in Finland. This is a modern country in transition from present production orientation towards a more diverse innovations driven society.

Finland has experienced fifteen years of spectacular growth generated by one company. Nokia, the global mobile phones giant has propelled Finland to one of the healthiest economies in Europe.

We have numerous SMEs with high growth potential, but the venture capital market is not supporting rapid growth in the SME sector. There are however opportunities. Finnish entrepreneurs are great product and applications developers. They are also good in building lean manufacturing processes.

The Achilles heel is marketing and globalization of medium size companies. We think that foreign investments, money infusion and business expertise could speed up internationalization of Finnish companies.

We’ve a team of experts that have been looking at the opportunities landscape for over thirty years. The Opportunities Portal opens for public evaluation this summer. A specific date hasn’t yet been set, but we work on the content and in-depth evaluation of some interesting introduction objects.
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