Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clean Energy Sacramento

A change is on the way. Clan energy. The future of energy is changing. Renewable resources. Clean energy centers. Biomass. Organic waste. Agricultur and forestry. Three million homes and two million cars.

  • Organic waste can be used to produce energy
  • Green house gases can be used
  • A fraction of biomass has been used
  • Produce fuel from biomass
  • Technology can change the way we produce enetgy
  • Digesters
  • Organic waste is an untapped resource
  • Why not turn it to energy?
  • Create a value of waste materials
  • Decomposition of the waste
  • Create natural gas
  • The system is portable
  • Energy is cleaned up
  • Out of the lab and things can be done on a grass roots level
  • Move it from campus to real
  • Oniste power systems
  • Clean energy businesses
  • Produce and use local energy
  • A center of new technologies
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