Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hekotek mechanical engineering enterprise

Hekotek is a mechanical engineering enterprise founded in 1992. Founders of the company were specialists who had created installations for woodworking industry in Finland for decades.

On the ground of their experiences they have developed to biggest company producing installations for woodworking industry in the Baltic States.

In addition to woodworking sector they have also produced installations and conveyors for other branches of industry.

Today, there are over 70 full-time employees working in the enterprise, in addition there is a co-operation with many sub-contractors.

Hekotek Ltd annual turnover exceeds 190 million kroons (12.5 million EUR). On April 23, 2007 majority of the shares of AS Hekotek were acquired by international concern, based on Swedish capital, Sorb Industri AB.

“Sorb purchased 82,5% of Hekotek in order to support the company´s future development”, commented Mr. Priit Raud, Hekotek´s new chairman of the supervisory council, representative of Sorb Industri AB.

Sorb Industries is engaged in contract manufacturing, sawmill equipment, service interiors for commercial vehicles, demolition machines and environmental technology. Sorb Industries has a turnover of approx 200 million Euro.

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