Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cellulosic Ethanol Summit in Washington 15-17 October

Helge: Found this information. The summit is organized in Washington, DC October 15-17,2007. I guess, we would have to do something like this in Finland as well.

Cellulosic Ethanol Summit: "The agricultural, biotech, biorefinery developer and financial communities gather for the leading industry building event Building Bridges in the Cellulosic Value Chain About the Summit The Cellulosic Ethanol Summit has quickly established itself as the major place where all the communities in the cellulosic ethanol value chain come together in one location to discuss how to build a new national cellulosic ethanol industry.

Helge: The value chain. We've to understand the whole.

Again, this year, leaders from the agricultural, industrial biotech, biorefinery developer and financial communities will gather to share their communities' perspectives on what is needed to form an efficient and effective value chain to commercialize cellulosic ethanol production. No single community will be able to create a viable cellulosic ethanol industry.

Only through intense
cooperative efforts
will this be possible

This means that all the communities in the value chain will need to obtain a detailed understanding of the capabilities, challenges and needs of the other communities in the value chain in order for the industry to move forward.

Helge: Building the community, creating the knowhow, establishing a culture...

The Summit provides an important opportunity to initiate profound conversations between the various communities in the value chain and it provides a powerful venue where these communities can fully understand how to build links within the value chain that are necessary to make the cellulosic ethanol industry a reality."

Helge: Initiate profound conversations...The importance of dialog.

The Summit provides a unique forum where each community discusses their activities in getting prepared to support a national cellulosic ethanol industry, outlines the key technical, organizational, economic and financial challenges it faces and then identifies the types of relationships with others that need to be established to truly support its role in the value chain.

Helge: The relationships of parties involved. The advantage of open global innovation attitude.

The Summit also provides a rich opportunity for offline discussions, where everyone will have the chance to meet other groups from the value chain and to establish ongoing relationships, thus serving as a springboard for more profound relationship building in the future.

About the Pre-Summit Briefing

Developing a Feedstock Logistics Infrastructure
to Support the Cellulosic Ethanol Industry: Status and Outlook

As a prelude to the Summit, this all day briefing will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to obtain a report on the status of industry activities to develop a feedstock logistics infrastructure for collecting and shipping large volumes of biomass to biorefineries.

Helge: The role of innovative information broadcasting...

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