Monday, October 08, 2007

Corny Biodiesel

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Corny Biodiesel

If America’s corn continues to become ethanol, we’ll pay for it at the grocery store, and other places as well. With 113 ethanol plants operating and another 78 under construction or in the planning process, that prediction could come true.
  1. Corn flakes
  2. 2 500 items at your grocery store includes corn
  3. The ethanol industry is eating the American's breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Cellulosic ethanol
  • It might take five to ten years to produce it economically
  • Ethanol is less efficient but it's much cleaner
  • A marked drop of pollution
  • We wind up with mix of energies
  • We've only touched the tip of the ice berg
  • Demand for biodiesel will rocket in the future if we want to continue to drive cars
  • Mixing it with petroleum
  • The need for agricultural land
  • We have to do things differently
  • Methabolically transformed
  • Microbiodiesel
  • Inserting genes into the...
  • The scale and yield is not good enough yet
  • Bacteria
  • A little more clever application of microbiology might lead to get microbiodiesel at your tank
A paper published in Microbiology in September 2006 describes how Escherichia coli can be metabolically engineered to produce alkyl esters, which the authors dubbed “microdiesel” (Rainer Kalscheuer et al. Microdiesel: Escherichia coli engineered for fuel production. Microbiology 152: 2529-2536, 2006).

Stick to wood and forget the food
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