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The Flow State of Innovators

2006.10.21 11.23 Small and Medium size


There are lots on my mind today. We talk about the biotech business programs today. We should be talking about the flow of the presentation.

These notes are from the Industry small Business Program - New Program Launch Briefing 2005 and I'm transforming the content to support the International Biotechnology Microbiology program:

  1. innovative
  2. competitive
  3. process oriented
  4. disruptive innovation

There are numerous programs that are based on supporting innovative technology companies. Some are in the emerging business fields.

Bioengineering is one, just to give you an example. Some are competitive programs. How to exploit commercial opportunities. It could also be to make changes to increase the productivity of the production process. Building up on entrepreneurship for biotech businesses. Some of the components:

  1. rewamping
  2. mentoring
  3. succession
  4. training elements
  5. provide new and enhanced business skills

The list is indicative, not exclusive. The grants are from 15000 to 100 000 euros. The funding period is 2-3 years. The business development programs should be continued with own financing when the grants are cutted down. The small business culture development:

  1. Work shops for business plan development and process innovation
  2. The small business culture development

We talked about the program structure. How to apply for the grants. Entrepreneurial development. Succession planning skills to small businesses. There are a number of small businesses offices all around the country. The business incubator program.

  1. The training has to be relevant for businesses, the area and the sector selected
  2. Flexible delivery, SME people are very busy people (effective time management is essential for success of knowledge based companies)
  3. Entrepreneurship oriented projects
  4. Supporting young entrepreneurs (under 35)

Combined elements:

  1. The mentoring service
  2. Help to assess the business owners skill base
  3. Network of providers has to be described

Business incubators:

  1. premises should be big enough to generate the necessary income
  2. the start-ups are not always located in the incubator facilities
  3. the incubated start-ups do remain within the incubator for some time
  4. as they tend to grow and move out from the incubator facilities

Established companies can also get grants for expansion or new innovations:

  1. feasibility study is required
  2. business plan for new company or process
  3. updated business plan for an existing company

The applicant has to have a very clear idea about what kind of services will be provided. The director has to be very experienced. It has to be relevant to the region.

  1. the competitiveness of the application
  2. demonstration of the commitment to the business (how much to invest own money)
  3. independent evidence will be very important for your application
  4. you need to have a track record from the field
  5. are you already delivering a service and expanding
  6. are you expanding an existing activity
  7. if you want to expand your offering

The other elements:

  1. transition, succession
  2. succession planning is relevant to all SME's
  3. the capital value of the business
  4. growing beyond what you are not able to manage
  5. the value of the business should not be lost
  6. if you retire in 10 years time
  7. there appears to be a big need for this

What is available under this headline:

  1. exclusively focused on succession plans
  2. the theme is business continuity
  3. training and mentoring
  4. generated by projects that include those elements
  5. we look for project that includes an integrated package
  6. an action plan

You must be incorporated to be eligible. Has to meet the criteria. The merit criterias are the same. The need and demand has to be demonstrated. You have to be able to independently demonstrate. What are the other service providers in that area. How many businesses have been closing down in that area. What is the quality of the program that you are developing. You need to have the appropriate qualification. At the end of the day, how many clients are you going to face.

Maybe we have been giving you more information that you can absorb. How to apply? Late applications will not be considered. There are forms on the websites. There are some interesting ideas to help you to conclude the applications. Multiple applications from a single applicants are not encouraged.

Refer to the customer guidelines to make sure that you are doing what is needed. The key issues that have to be done in the application papers. That's about it. I m happy to take your questions. We will capture your questions for the podcasts. Anybody can ask.
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