Saturday, October 06, 2007

Honeywell launches improved BMI activator

Honeywell launches improved BMI activator: "The BMI activator functions in the critical activation step for both large-and small-scale oligonucleotide (RNA/DNA) synthesis instruments.

Oligonucleotides are used for genomic, proteomic and drug discovery technologies. 'This new reagent is the latest solution from Honeywell to meet the ever changing needs of the global biotechnology industry,' said Kalakota Reddy, biopharmaceutical development manager for Honeywell's Research Chemicals business.

'BMI activator is an integral part of the synthesis process and provides a new, improved, higher performing option for customers currently using 1H-Tetrazole or other existing activators,' he added."

Helge: Got curious about what BMI means? We think about "IBM" as International Biotechnology Microbiology" and what kind engineering services can be provided and delivered on a global scale.

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