Sunday, October 14, 2007

International Dioxide, Inc., Applications, Industrial: Paper Machine Wet End

International Dioxide, Inc., Applications, Industrial: Paper Machine Wet End: "The Customer's Needs Chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidant, can be used very effectively as a slimicide and oxidizer for microbiological control on paper machines wet end.

It controls microorganisms and offensive odors that may affect the quality of your finished product.

Meeting Those Needs With Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine dioxide's unique properties permit it to be mom effective than current oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocide technologies.

Among its outstanding characteristics are:
  • It remains a dissolved gas, thereby maintaining 100% activity under varied operating conditions.

  • Effective over a wide pH range of 4-10, providing complete control where incoming stock pH swings are present.

  • Selectively reacts with organic compounds, therefore not forming chlorinated organics, chloroform, dioxins or tribalomethanes, all of which are coming under regulatory pressure.

  • Reacts instantaneously to quickly provide effective biocidal control or remove undesirable contaminants.
  • At recommended use levels does not create toxic by-products harmful to wildlife or the environment, since a free residual is not required throughout the system.
Additional benefits of chlorine dioxide use, as a wet end slimicide include lower corrosion rates on paper machine metallurgy, extended runnability of paper machine, reduced frequency of boilouts of stock chests and a more cost effective microbiological control program.


Chlorine dioxide is Widely used in many areas of the paper industry. International Dioxcide develops innovative technologies for the, production of chlorine dioxide, including stabilized solutions, 25% chlorite in drum and bulk and 80% active dry sodium chlorite, and a variety of generation systems, making the company a leader in chlorine dioxide technology."

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