Friday, April 18, 2008

Energy Camp » Welcome To Energy Camp

Energy Camp » Welcome To Energy Camp: "Whether you’re an end user of technology, an IT professional, a vendor of hardware, software or infrastructure solutions, or an industry observer with an interest in technology’s energy consumption, Energy Camp is for you. Energy Camp is a collaborative forum where industry stakeholders will gather together to discuss the growing impact of today’s energy costs on IT’s bottom line, and the overarching importance of energy conservation and utilizing greener IT solutions and methods."

Helge: Got the lead from my previous blog post.

Energy Camp Wiki

If you're looking for the Energy Camp Wiki, then you've found the right place. There are a bunch of pages you can navigate to that are listed on the left. But if you're new to this wiki (or wikis in general), here are a few things you might consider doing.

Getting started

A wiki is a read/write Web technology that facilitates collaboration on knowledge, information and ideas. The key is that multiple people can hone a wiki page to perfection so that it either:

  • best represents the community's knowledge of a specific topic,
  • frames an idea in the eyes of an entire community rather than just one person, or
  • facilitates some form of collaboration that we haven't thought of yet (actually, there are many more uses).

This wiki was set up for the community of information technologists who have an interest in energy savings and a sustainable planet and generally involves the attendees of Energy Camp (although everyone is welcome to join the fun, virtually).

To begin collaborating, you first need to login. See our special page on creating a new account and logging in for information on gaining read/write access to this wiki.

Energy Camp discussion grid

Energy Camp is an unconference-style event dedicated to bringing together the community of information technologists who have an interest in energy savings and a sustainable planet for a face-to-face collaborative meet-up where new relationships are formed, old relationships are nurtured, ideas are shared, mutiple balls are moved forward and progress is made. See the About Energy Camp page for more information.

To join the discussion at Energy Camp, add your own proposal to the Energy Camp discussion grid: Energy Camp discussion ideas

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