Monday, April 14, 2008

More Nuclear Power Plants to Finland

Environmental Inspector, Respolar Oy, Eurajoki, is looking for more people and professionals for the operations at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant.

AREVA NP and Siemens AG are building a new nuclear power plant for TVO (Teollisuuden Voima Oy) in Olkiluoto, already two nuclear units are in operation. AREVA NP, an AREVA and Siemens company, is supplying the nuclear island, comprising the reactor and associated systems, while Siemens is responsible for the conventional island (turbine and generator).

We've two nuclear power plants in Loviisa and there Fennovoima is planning a new one in Ruotsinpyhtää. The location is only one of the three alternatives. Here are the potential Fennovoima locations on the planning board:
  1. Ruotsinpyhtää (Souteastern Finland)
  2. Kristiinankaupunki (Westcoast Finland)
  3. Simo (Northern Finland)
Respolar Oy has already provided more than 100 professionals with Olkiluoto and is one of their leading recruiters for this project.
  • The Fennovoima project is visioning a nuclear power plant of 1 500 – 2 500 MW

  • The new plant should be operational 2016–2018

  • It takes a long time to plan and to get the political acceptance

What kind of jobs and responsibilities are available at Nuclear Power Plant site? There is a lot of inspection and documentation. Every single move has to bee tracked.

Respolar Oy is looking for an:



A comprehensive knowledge of Contract requirements, International and Finish Codes & Norms ask by the OL3 Project contract is requested.

For his/her function a correct knowledge of office applications (Acrobat, Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook) is requested.

A good level of English is indispensable in writing (documentation in English) and orally (different nationalities on the Site).


Walk down Environmental inspections at site been the main occupation of the Environmental Inspector the time spend to do it should be 80% of the occupation.

The other 20% of inspector occupation been the Environmental paperwork recording and analysis as describe here after.

Daily tasks:
  • Environmental inspections

    - Performing Environmental Inspections on Site areas & Site sub-contractor’s areas using Environmental inspection guides.

    - Reviewing and approving the Sub-contractor Environmental Risk assessments on request of the team leader.

    - Ascertaining the existence of the correct the material safety data sheets.

  • Communication on environmental issues

    - Providing data for the preparation of the letters about Environmental Issues to Site subcontractors.

    - Analysing answers about Environmental Issues received from Site sub-contractors.

  • Environmental requirements analysis

    - Recording and handling situations adverse to Environmental Procedures.

Weekly (fortnightly) tasks:
  • Environmental inspections

    - Providing data for Weekly Environmental Inspection Reports.

    - Participating to periodical internal inspectors' meetings.

  • Communication on environmental issues

    - On delegation participating to in Weekly Meeting with the subcontractors.

Monthly tasks:
  • Environmental training

    - Performing Environmental Inductions to all Site Management Staff.

    - Performing additional Environmental Trainings if needed to Site Management Staff.

  • Communication on environmental issues.

    - Preparing all the necessary information in his/her area of environmental inspection in order to prepare the monthly report, including some indicators.

  • Environmental requirements analysis

    - Issuing Environmental incidents trend analysis, corrective and preventive actions and proposing improvement actions when necessary.

Quarterly tasks:
  • Interface with PLANTS Environmental Management System and associated reporting

    - Collecting inputs data for environmental STAR indicators.
Looks like very systematic...
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