Friday, July 04, 2008

Microbial Control for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing | LuminUltra

Macarena sent this link to me. Is this the same thing Juha blogged about?

Microbial Control for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing | LuminUltra: "Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
A Total Microbiological Monitoring Solution!

In the pulp and paper industry, microbial growth can greatly degrade the quality of paper produced. LuminUltra’s biological monitoring technology can help you maintain product of the highest calibre through accurate and reliable water testing.

Our 2nd generation ATP tests are the most accurate, reliable, and versatile tests on the market today and allow you to measure microbial growth at any point in the process, from raw water to process water to wastewater:

▶ Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) provides the first line of defence in a multi-barrier operational monitoring program for raw water treatment and distribution, including:
  • Evaluate raw water quality and optimize water treatment operations.
  • Monitor and control microbiological re-growth in treated water distribution.
  • Reduce health risks in cooling systems.
▶ QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I ) results can become a valuable component of process maintenance programs such as:
  • Assessing biocide efficacy in paper process waters (e.g. whitewater).
  • Protection of product quality by preventing slime formation, which can cause paper breaks, holes, discoloration, and plugging.

  • Prevent pulp degradation or discoloration.

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