Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Green Media Show

What’s your communication footprint?


  • Businesses in North America spend $65+ billion per year on print media advertising.
  • The average office worker generates 2 pounds of paper waste per day.
  • Paper and printing represent 15 to 30 percent of every corporate dollar spent.
  • Websites, email blasts, direct mail and events add even more.

Attend The Green Media Show and Conference and avoid:

1. Loss of a major bid with green requirements.
2. Finding your brand damaged by people or the press calling your bluff on your stated sustainable practices.
3. The damage to your image when asked for your Sustainability Statement and you don’t have one.
4. The repercussions when a shareholder asks your CEO hard questions about the sustainability of your media choices and knowing he hasn’t a clue because you haven’t given him answers yet. Or her.
5. Printing your Sustainability Report in a totally non-sustainable way and posting the pdf on a website powered by coal-burning generators. Way to go.

Are You a...

  • Brand Manager

  • Print Buyer

  • Advertising Executive

  • Commercial Printer

  • Procurement Officer

  • Corporate Sustainability Officer

  • C-Level Exec

  • Marketing Professional

  • Graphic Designer

  • Product Manager

  • Publisher

  • Event or Marcom Manager

  • ...then you need to be at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, October 1 and 2.

    The Green Media Show & Conference

    The intelligent way to get your team up-to-speed, exposed, excited, and knowledgeable about what they can do to make your media, advertising, and marketing choices more green, more sustainable, more responsible, and yes, make the company more profitable.

    Helge: Have to check this one out. Learned about this through Twitter.

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